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Past Winners


  • Advocacy Award – Rooted in Rights – Rooted in Rights does amazing work elevating the need for road and transit design to be centered around folks with disabilities.
  • Biking Strong Award – Mayor Kim Roscoe (City of Fife) – As the Mayor of Fife she is advocating for a regional approach to our bike connections!
  • Big Step/Bold Program – Limited Access Connections Project (Pierce Transit- Penny Grellier) – Penny took on something that had never been done in our region; setting up a partnership between a transit agency and a transportation networking company to give people grant-sponsored rides to transit locations.
  • Unsung Hero – Don Partington – Don Partington was an important trail advocate in Pierce County and pushed the activate transportation community to confront issues of white privilege.


  • Big Step / Bold Program Award – Tacoma to Puyallup Cohort– The Tacoma to Puyallup Cohort has taken on a challenging but extremely impactful mission of connecting a crucial part of the Tahoma to Tacoma trail network. This cohort took large steps this year to move forward on this work. As a group they travelled to Copenhagen to take a master class and learn from Danish and Swedish counterparts. They have created a plan to move this project forward, and after returning, have hit the ground running (and biking) to make this connection a reality.
  • Unsung Hero Award – Chad Russell and Tanya Durand (Children’s Museum of Tacoma) – For five years now, the Children’s Museum of Tacoma has been involved in the DOTG Walk Tacoma program, but in the last two years they have really increased their involvement and it has made a difference. They have collaborated on every Walk Tacoma event to encourage families to participate and create child focused activities at each event. Through the commitment from the Children’s Museum of Tacoma we have seen a significant increase in youth and family participation in the Walk Tacoma program.
  • Biking Strong Award – Mayor Victoria Woodards (City of Tacoma) – The mayor, recently exposed to the joys and benefits of riding bikes, has embraced this not only personally, but as a vital part of a multimodal community. One only has to look all over the streets of Tacoma to see lime and what she has actively supported.
  • Advocacy Award – Tacoma Creates – Tacoma creates is committed to including transportation equity in their proposal to fund and elevate arts and culture in Tacoma. They envision a community where access to arts programing is not dictated by where you live. Their innovative inclusion of transportation means that our most vulnerable community members will have more opportunities to be a part of Tacoma’s arts and cultural resources.


  • Big Step / Bold Program Award – SiteCrafting – The all-staff bike training was the first of its kind in Tacoma. This training helped to make staff feel comfortable on bikes and biking around their office neighborhood.
  • Unsung Hero Award – Trudy Sprinkle – An avid bus-rider, and stalwart promoter of the transit system to all she encounters, Trudy Sprinkle has been at this work for nearly two decades at CHI Franciscan. She continually goes above and beyond, personally taking paper calendars to commuters’ desks so they can log their trips and she will file their trips online for them.
  • Biking Strong Award – Ladies Night at Idea School – The school allows a unique learning and social space that welcomes those who are not always made to feel included at bike shops or in traditional bike clubs.
  • Advocacy Award – ST3 Campaign – Because of this campaign, this region can now look forward to a world-class transportation system that will connect Tacoma to the airport and destinations in between, as well as increased service on all transit modes.


  • Advocacy Award – John Thurlow, NE Tacoma Neighborhood Council, nominated for Leading the NE Tacoma Neighborhood Council’s efforts to implement bus service from NE Tacoma to downtown (rte 63).
  • Big Step/Bold Program – Kevin B. Dull, MultiCare, nominated for leading MulitiCare’s ORCA program to new levels by implementing ORCA Passport, which provides a full-service ORCA pass to every employee.
  • Biking Strong – Ana Grover-Barnes, Davita, nominated for implanting office fleet bike program so employees can get around during the day without their cars.
  • Unsung Hero Award – Shelbi Virgil, 2nd Cycle, nominated for her work to improve bicycling in Tacoma and inspire young people on bikes through the Major Taylor Program and 2nd Cycle.



  • Big Step/Bold Program – Alecia Kuhl, UWT On the Go
    Awarded to the business or individual who made a bold change in policy to create opportunities for transportation options. We strive to recognize those who have made a difference through parking policy, promotion, pricing or education. Honoring businesses who have utilized creative partnerships or use of spaces.
  • Live Downtown Program – Marguerite Giguere
    Awarded to the business or individual who has gone above and beyond in promoting the Live Downtown program.
  • Advocacy Award – Michael Transue & Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber
    Awarded to the business or individual who has made a difference for downtown Tacoma through transportation advocacy at the local, state or federal level.
  • Biking Strong – Cindy Schaarschmidt
    Awarded to the business or individual who is a leader year-round in promoting, education and encouraging bicycling as a commute mode; and creating opportunities for bicycling through the provision of bike parking for employees and customers, bike infrastructure, or showers. Honoring those who work to make downtown Tacoma more bike-friendly through their business or their work.
  • Unsung Hero Award – Penny Grellier, Catholic Community Services SW
    Awarded to the business or individual who is a leader in promoting, educating, and/or encouraging multi-modal transportation but has not been recognized to their full potential.


  • Advocacy Award: Garrett Leque, GeoEngineers for his work on bike advocacy
  • Live Downtown Award: Chris Green/Economic Development Board for their involvement in promoting the Live Downtown program
  • Big Step/Bold Program Award: Northwest Leadership Foundationfor their comprehensive transportation options plans (including Live Downtown & ORCA)
  • Biking Strong: Jimmy Johns for doing their business (sandwich deliveries) by bike
  • Innovative Parking Solutions Award: City of Tacoma for their innovative Green Event Policy which includes transportation options for all event attendees


  • Live Downtown Awards: Julie Swenson (Evergreen Home Loans), Vue 25, and Broadway Center for the Performing Arts for their work in encouraging downtown employees to Live Downtown.
  • Big Step/Bold Program: Zipcar for their work in promoting sustainable commute modes through their Tacoma carshare program.
  • Biking Strong Award: Rusty George Creative for their work in promoting biking to work and Bike Month 2013.
  • Advocacy Award: Karen Bunger for promoting healthy commute options and dedicating time and energy to Downtown On the Go’s mission.
  • Walk Tacoma Award: South Sound American Heart Association Division for their exemplary partnership in promoting healthy transportation options through Walk Tacoma.
  • Board Member Extraordinaire Award: Patti Sutton (Propel Insurance) for more than four years of service and leadership in carrying out Downtown On the Go’s mission.


  • Bold Step/Big Program: Columbia Bank for adopting the Live Downtown Program
  • Leaders in New Program: HomeStreet Bank for being leaders in Live Downtown Program for its inception
  • Sustainable Transportation Program: BLRB Architects for providing and promoting sustainable commute options and playing a leadership role in the community
  • Biking Strong: GeoEngineers for leadership and participation in Bike Month 2012
  • Parking Alternatives Program: UW Tacoma for long term planning and excellence in promoting sustainable transportation
  • Continued Leadership in Commute Trip Reduction: Jennifer Burley, Employee Transportation Coordinator, UW Tacoma


  • Transportation Advocacy Award: Propel Insurance
    For continuing to advocate for transportation choices at the local and state level.
  • Leader in New Program Award: BLRB Architects
    For being an early adopter of the Live Downtown Program, promoting living close to work as a benefit to their employees and helping to restore the vitality of downtown Tacoma.
  • Biking Strong – Bike Month 2011: USGS, Downtown Tacoma Office
    For logging more than 800 miles during Bike Month 2011 and continuing to promote cycling as a commute solution.
  • Biking Strong – Bike Month 2011: City of Tacoma, Urban Waters Building
    For leading Bike Month 2011 with more than 1,800 miles logged, in spite of the extra challenge presented by the closure of the Murray Morgan Bridge.


  • Sustainability and amazing mode split: CH2M Hill
  • Parking Alternatives Program: Columbia Bank
  • Telework 100: DaVita
  • Bold Step/Big Program: Propel Insurance
  • Win-Win Telework: Regence
  • Biking Strong: UW Tacoma
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