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Meet the Staff: Georgette

Name:  Georgette Watje
Occupation:  Interim Business Outreach Coordinator
Gets around by: Bike or Bus

Where do you live and where do you work?  I live in Hilltop near 12th and Grant.  I work 1.2 miles from where I live.

How do you get there? I usually bike to work via 11th.  It’s all downhill to work which means it’s all up hill at the end of the day.  Some days I avoid the hills by biking up St. Helens to Division, past Wright Park into Hilltop.  This route adds about .8 mile onto my commute home.  Some days I will take the 28 bus up 11th to MLK and bike the rest of the way home. I like having multiple options.

How does it all add up? How much money or time do you save? Because I own a 4WD Jeep Wrangler (16 miles/gallon), I save approximately $45/week in fuel, not to mention parking (approx $8.50/day) and maintenance.

What’s in it for you? I enjoy biking and taking the bus to work because I feel more engaged with the surrounding communities.  I can pick from several different routes to get to and from work which helps me to discover new places within the city.  I also find it engages people to ask about commuting via bike.  I love telling others about the benefits of bike riding as much as possible.

Do you have any tips for people who may be trying these modes for the first time? It’s easy to be intimidated but don’t be!  I was very hesitant to put my bike on the front of the bus.  After watching a video tutorial and asking a fellow bike commuter to assist in my first time, it is now one of my favorite ways to get around.  Pick a destination close to your home and map out the safest route.  Work your way up to longer rides from there.  My first bike ride in Tacoma started with fresh PNW air in my face and ended with a cup of local coffee and a view of Mt Rainier.  Every morning that I ride my bike, I feel a sense of accomplishment before my work day even begins.

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