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Meet Mike

Name: Mike
Occupation: Geologist (struggling musician)
Employer: GeoEngineers
Gets around by: Bike, Train, Bus, Taxi, Auto

1. Where do you live and where do you work?
I live in North Tacoma and work in Downtown Tacoma.  We also have offices in Seattle, Redmond and Bellingham where I manage various discipline teams.

2. How do you get there?
When I get to ride my bike to work it is a glorious day.  When I work in Redmond it is a bit tougher and I need to drive or carpool.  Seattle and Bellingham have been multi use trips.  I have biked, jumped on Amtrak Cascades and rode the Sounder or ST Express.  Riding a bike from my house, getting on the Sounder to Seattle and then jumping on the Amtrak was a fun day and a fun way to get to Bellingham.

3. How does it all add up? How much money or time do you save? 
That is tough to say.  Riding my bike to work does not take that much longer.  I save a space in the lot for someone else too.  When I ride the train to Seattle – I think I save all my time by working on the way.

4. What’s in it for you?
I feel better when I ride my bike.  When I get home after a long day it is a shot in the arm and I am awake for family and friends.

5. Do you have any tips for people who might be trying this mode for the first time?
Jump in.  It is fun and you will figure it out.  Sometimes I forget my dress shoes or socks – it happens.

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