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Meet Michael

Name: Michael
Occupation: Science teacher
Employer: Tacoma School of the Arts
Gets around by: VW Golf TDI burning biodiesel or bike commuting

Where do you live and where do you work?
I live in the North End of Tacoma near Point Defiance Park & Zoo, and travel to the downtown Tacoma SOTA campus near UWTacoma.

How do you get there?
I’ve been burning biodiesel in my VW Golf TDI for over 10 years now, and try to bike commute once or twice per week.

How does it all add up?
My car commute takes about 20 minutes door to door, but I can bike to SOTA in about 25 minutes also door to door. So an extra five minutes and a marvelous morning workout and a breath of fresh air.

What’s in it for you?
Pure enjoyment. I have a young family, so personal workout time is cherished. A bike commute allows me to combine my regular commute with a micro workout.

Do you have any tips for people who may be trying this mode for the first time?
No special equipment needed! My mountain bike frame has slowly become the commuter bike that now has street slicks, fenders and a rack to carry panniers.

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