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Meet Andrew

Name: Andrew
Occupation: Field Director
Employer: Transportation Choices Coalition
Gets around by: All transit, all of the time

Where do you live?
I’ve lived in downtown Tacoma for four years.  It’s so close to everything I need.

How do you get to work and get around?
Whether I’m walking to a pub, grabbing a cup of coffee on the go, catching the Link to City Hall or hopping on the bus to get dinner on 6th Ave., it is so easy to live life without a car and get everywhere I need and want to go.

How does it all add up?
My cost savings are HUGE!  Because I live downtown, I don’t have to own a car.  I’m lucky in that my employer pays for my transit pass in full.  I estimate I save $400 or so each month by avoiding having to pay for insurance, maintenance and gas on a pesky car.  Not to mention the benefits of walking and biking in terms of my health and happiness.

What’s in it for you?
I get to meet people out and about in Tacoma that I never would have met otherwise simply because I’m not locked in 2,000 lbs. of steel all of the time.  Whether it’s catching dinner and a movie or hopping on a bus to the airport or Downtown Seattle, the world is at your fingertips.

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