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Meet Amanda

Name:  Amanda

Occupation:  Executive Assistant

Employer:  Group Health

Gets Around By:  Walking & Driving

1. Where do you live and where do you work?  I live and work in Tacoma.

2. How do you get there?  I walk to and from work every day.

3. How does it all add up?  How much money or time do you save?  I save money on parking ($8/day) as well as gas money.  I moved to be closer to work, so I would not have to sit in traffic.  Before, I would spend anywhere between 45 minutes to an hour in traffic every day, depending on the day, time and weather.  Not to mention if there was a car accident!  Now, none of that matters, I have a 15 minute walk regardless of the circumstances.

4.  What’s in it for you?  I am guaranteed to get 30 minutes of walking in every day, I can listen to my headphones with no commercial breaks, and I’m saving money on gas and parking!  Not to mention, my stress level has gone down tremendously, there is nothing worse than stop and go traffic after a hard day’s work.

5.  Do you have any tips for people who might be trying this mode for the first time?  Leave early your first day.  Wear walking shoes, and bring work shoes to change into.  Have good music and enjoy yourself!


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