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Safe Streets – Promoting Wellness at Work

Safe Streets, a non-profit organization in Tacoma, participated as a group in the Walk Tacoma event at Wright Park on April 4. Recently, their organization started offering employees the opportunity to take half an hour during working hours to do some type of physical activity. In addition to the half an hour each day, they encourage their employees to participate in what they call “Fitness Fridays,” a fun opportunity for the entire staff to participate in a physical activity once a month at their office.  So far, Fitness Friday activities have included Wii Fit, yoga, and walks around Wright Park with new pedometers (which Safe Streets bought for all employees).

“Once our Wellness Committee heard about the American Heart Association’s opportunity to participate in Walk Tacoma, we thought it would be the perfect addition to our wellness program!  We all very much enjoyed our scenic walk through Historic Wright Park, and plan to use that route in the future,” said Sara Main, Safe Streets Community Mobilization Specialist.

Safe Streets encourages their employees to walk when possible instead of driving—with so many things close to their office on Tacoma Ave, they have found it fairly easy to do. They have plans to expand their Wellness Program to include a healthy eating component and some fun competitions.

By promoting wellness activities, businesses like Safe Streets can improve the wellbeing of their employees, increase productivity, lower healthcare expenses, and improve recruitment and retention.   They are a great example of how an organization or business can make a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of their employees.

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