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Transit Benefit Works for Downtown Small Business

The Rainbow Center, a small downtown non-profit, started offering ORCA cards to their employees through the ORCA Passport Program in 2013. Since that time, their five employees have all had the opportunity to try transit and the majority use it on a regular basis.

Setting a positive example for other downtown businesses and leading the way in creating a vibrant downtown community, The Rainbow Center has always found public transit important. They replied to a informational postcard about the ORCA program two years ago and quickly found out how affordable it was.

The Rainbow Center says they originally got involved because they believe in public transit and anything that reduces the number of single car drivers but they have found that it is an important benefit for their employees, helping each employee save up to $1,000 a year.

Says Center Administrator Laura Brewer, “One of our employees wasn’t able to drive [due to an injury] and the ORCA Passport card meant she was able to get to work easily and without being dependent on waiting for rides.”

She adds that the, “ORCA Passport program is a great benefit to offer for our employees and I would encourage other downtown businesses to look into it.”

At just $160/employee (with at least 5 employees), the ORCA Passport program is cost-effective for small and large businesses and can help you get your employees to work and provide a great benefit!

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