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Healthy Commuting is the Priority for Group Health

With transportation being Washington State’s largest source of greenhouse gas emissions, Group Health understands that what is good for its employees is also good for the region. Finding ways to reduce drive-alone commute trips will not only decrease greenhouse gas emissions, but also air pollution, traffic congestion and energy consumption in Tacoma and across the state. Encouraging employees to get out of their vehicles also aligns with Group Health’s goal of promoting healthy lifestyles, and will ultimately result in happier employees and a more productive workplace.

Group Health incentivizes their employees to take alternative transportation by contributing to their employees’ ORCA passes, subsidizing vanpools and carpools, providing commuter amenities like showers and secure bike parking for cyclists, and providing a Guaranteed Ride Home Program for non-drive alone commuters. Group Health actively encourages cycling as a viable means of transportation through its sponsorship of the Cascade Bicycle Club’s Bike to Work Month event, the Seattle to Portland (STP) Bicycle Classic, and a variety of other events throughout the year.

With rising gas prices and increased traffic congestion, many Group Health employees are making the switch to more fuel efficient transportation options. These employees are finding that, while public transit and other alternate commute options can sometimes take a little longer, the benefits include a more relaxing commute; a significant reduction in parking, fuel and vehicle maintenance costs; and the knowledge that their commute is having a positive impact on the community.

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