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BLRB Architects – Practicing What Their Designs Preach

Not every business has the opportunity to relocate to a new and improved office space—and rarely do they design it as well.  But, that’s just what BLRB Architects did when they moved from their prior location to Pacific Plaza, designing their office space to communicate the workplace ethos their leaders valued—community, comfort, and a blending of work and life spaces.

One such space closely considered by BLRB (though receiving far less attention that their state-of-the-art green roof)—the restrooms.  BLRB took the design of this common space to a level beyond standard, supporting employee transportation choices outside of the transport standard, the car.

In order to encourage the alternate commute, each restroom includes a shower, changing area, and several lockers.  The restrooms are located in a secluded section of the lobby, away from the entrance to the office so as to separate public and private functions.

If you build it, they will come?  Not necessarily, and BLRB knows that, offering additional support for employees choosing transit, including a partial bus subsidy and 3 company vehicles for shared employee use.

And yet, even BLRB’s leaders know that this is not enough.  In an attempt to practice what their designs preach, they have partnered with Downtown: On the Go! to work through the Transportation Plan Program for Small Business.  BLRB wants to improve the numbers of employees choosing the alternate commute, and DOTG will help them do that by surveying employees and drafting a comprehensive employee transportation package.

Not every business can completely revamp their office space to support employees in their alternate commutes.  But, every employer can revamp their transportation policies, offering increased support to employees who choose to get out of their single occupancy vehicles.

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