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Meet Sharnel

Name: Sharnel
Occupation: Commercial Lines Account Manager (and UW Tacoma Student)
Employer: Propel Insurance
Gets around by: Carpool
Where do you work? I work in Downtown Tacoma.

How do you get there?
My husband and I carpool to save on gas and money, but primarily it’s so we can spend some extra time together. At first there were some timing issues, but I was able to adjust my hours.  We’ve now been commuting this way for the past 4-5 years.

How does it all add up?
We haven’t actually calculated it yet, we carpool more from a convenience standpoint than for actual “money in the pocket” benefits.  My employer doesn’t offer a stipend or subsidy for carpooling that I’m aware of, but they do pay for bus passes and assist in setting up vanpools.

What’s in it for you?
I get to spend more time with my husband!

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