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Meet Rikki

Name: Rikki
Occupation: Student
Employer: University of Washington Tacoma
Gets around by: Bus

Where do you go to school?
I go to school in Downtown Tacoma at the University of Washington.

How do you get there?
I take the bus to school because it’s convenient and much cheaper than driving.  Sometimes it gets difficult to time my trips correctly, but I’d say I use the bus anywhere from 25-50 times each week to get around town.  After seven years I’ve gotten pretty good about it.

How does it all add up?
I’d estimate I save hundreds of dollars each month.

What’s in it for you?
As a student, I save money on parking and get to avoid all of the traffic.  I know that the bus is a reliable way for me to get around.  It gets me where I need to go and when.

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