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Meet Rhianna

Name: Rhianna
Occupation:  IS&T Account Representative
Employer:  MultiCare
Gets around by: Walking, Biking and Driving

Where do you live and where do you work?
I live in Enumclaw and work in Tacoma

How do you get there?
I drive to work, however I keep my bike at work so I take my bike if I travel in Tacoma

How does it all add up? How much money or time do you save?
I take enjoyment in being outside, it’s also nice to be able to cruise around town on my bike. Added bonus, I get a workout!

What’s in it for you?
Better health, enjoyment of the PNW and inspiring other people to join in!

Do you have any tips for people who may be trying these modes for the first time?
My tip for newcomers is be consistent, if you are traveling 2 miles or less always take a bike or walk (I drew a circle the encompasses a 2 mile range from work). Added bonus, you do not have to find or pay for parking!!!

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