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Meet Meadow

Name:  Meadow Poplawsky
Occupation:  Student, but currently an intern!
Gets around by: bus (the 1)

Where do you live and where do you work? I live in the North end and I work downtown.

How do you get there? I take the bus to work every day because it stops three blocks from my house and right outside my work building and I then don’t have to pay for parking!

How does it all add up? How much money or time do you save? I save a lot of time because I don’t have to bother with parking. I leave my house with five minutes to talk to the bus and after a 15 minute bus ride, I’m there! I also save money because parking is expensive downtown. Additionally, it saves me the stress of driving in traffic and I get to chill out and enjoy my 15 minute bus ride as some good alone time during the day. I also love to listen to music or podcasts on the bus. Additionally, since my workplace pays for my ORCA card, I don’t have to spend any money on transportation.

What’s in it for you? Riding the bus is the easiest and cheapest way for me to get to work. Additionally, I really like being able to zone out and listen to music and not have to pay attention to much of my commute. I also like meeting the interesting and diverse people who ride the 1 route!

Do you have any tips for people who may be trying these modes for the first time? I feel like a lot of people are uncomfortable riding the bus because they are unfamiliar with it. The bus is super easy and not scary at all. While sometimes things can get a bit wild (especially on my route!) it never feels unsafe or uncomfortable. Everyone I ride with is almost always super friendly and respectful. It really is a great cheap and sustainable way to get around!

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