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Meet Anna

Name: Anna
Occupation: Owner/ Stylist
Employer: The Parlor Hair Salon
Gets around by: Biking

Where do you live and where do you work?
I have lived in the Historic North Slope area for a little over a year. We moved here because we needed a neighborhood that worked for having our little girl to play around outside with confidence.
I operated my salon, The Parlor, in hilltop for about 5 years and this last July just opened a new expanded location in the Theater District at 711 St Helens! I love this new neighborhood!

When did you move downtown?
I moved downtown to Thea’s Landing off of Dock Street in 2004. I relocated from upper Queen Anne in Seattle to experiment with a group of friends on if living and working within a close proximity to each other could result in stronger friendships and a stronger community. In 2005 I moved to The Wedge (right off of Division St), in 2006 I moved to Hilltop and 2013 I moved to the North Slope.

What’s in it for you?
What’s in it for me is my work, many friends, family and businesses within walking distance. I can’t say I walk as often as I should because of the weather but that is something I would like to do more. I think if I actually went out and bought an umbrella it may happen. 😉 I also love that now I feel slightly insecure driving on the freeway because it’s not somethjng I do often. I do drive an old suburban, but rarely have to fill up the large tank because I don’t drive far.

How do you usually get to work? How far is it?
My salon is just under a mile from my home. During the winter months I do drive but during the spring/summer I like riding my bike as often as I can. Riding to work is more enjoyable because it’s downhill but the way home I get a little more of a work out. 🙂

How does it all add up? Do you save time or money?
The time it takes me to drive to work in the mornings is 4 min if I hit all of the green lights and up to 7 min if I’m not so lucky. To ride my bike to work takes a little over 10 min and to walk I like to give myself 20 min to be safe.

What’s the best part about living downtown?
The best part about living downtown is how easy it is to have relationships with people. It’s easy to just get together for a drink or just coffee and not feel the need to make an event of it because we didn’t have to travel far. Also, sharing these common spaces with people makes it much more predictable that I will run into people I know everywhere I go. Most of the time I love it. Lol. I love having so many amazing businesses right at my fingertips.

What suggestions do you have for someone who may be thinking of moving downtown?
I would recommend downtown living to everyone. Tacoma’s downtown living can look different for different people’s needs. There are condos, small homes, large homes, no yard, big yards, water views, shared spaces, apartments. Tacoma has a lot to offer!

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