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Name: JOE
Occupation: Server Administrator
Employer: SiteCrafting, Inc
Gets around by: Bike or Bus

Where do you live and work?

I live in the North Slope Historic District and work at the south end of downtown.

How do you get there?

By bike or bus.

How does it all add up?

Barring ice on the roads (broke my collarbone and learned my lesson), mechanical troubles, or plans to get picked up from work on my way elsewhere, I cycle. I also maintain an ORCA card and spend the rest of my travel time on Pierce Transit.

I’ve never had a car of my own, so I’ve never had a regular gas bill, car payment, insurance payment to compare it to, but I imagine I save quite a bit.

What’s in it for you?

If I were driving, I’d just be driving. On a bus I can do other things, like reading. As for cycling, it’s been a lifelong hobby, whether or not I’ve had anywhere to go, so I’m doing something I like while I get where I’m going. I’m certainly in better shape now than when I was just riding the bus. Bike commuting has actually improved my hobby a great deal by forcing me to ascend out of downtown every day.

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