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Commute Trip Reduction

If you represent a business with more than 100 employees, you may be CTR affected. Downtown On the Go can help you manage your employee’s commutes, strategize parking solutions, and meet state required deadlines and metrics. Downtown On the Go is partnered with the City of Tacoma to provide CTR services to Tacoma businesses. We will help you enrich your employees commute experiences and offer them transportation benefits that incentivize them to stay. What a great opportunity!

What is Commute Trip Reduction?

In 1996 Washington State passed the Commute Trip Reduction Law, requiring larger employers to offset the commutes of their employees with the goal of reducing congestion and environmental impacts. This is monitored through yearly reporting and a biennial survey, which provides information on how employees get to work, how far they are traveling, and what work sites are doing to incentivize alternative modes of transportation.

Each CTR affected worksite must assign an Employee Transportation Coordinator, or ETC. The ETC works directly with employees to optimize their commutes. They often provide information on commute options to new hires and distribute ORCA cards at sites that participate in ORCA programs. The ETC is responsible for gathering the necessary information to complete the annual report and administer the biennial CTR survey, as well as providing marketing for the site’s CTR programs.

Are you CTR Affected?

If your worksite is in Downtown Tacoma and has more than 100 employees starting work between 6am and 9am, you are likely CTR affected. Businesses in Tacoma outside of downtown are not required to participate but can opt in. Please contact our CTR Coordinator Laura Svancarek for more information, LauraS@downtownonthego.org.

Businesses outside of Tacoma in Pierce County should contact Debbie Germer at Pierce County, Debbie.Germer@piercecountywa.gov.

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