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The Twelve Ways to Get There

1. Bike – You’ll need a basket or a pannier to get your goods home!  Bike tips on Downtown On the Go’s website.

2. Walk – Even if you can’t walk from home, consider parking outside of the busy shopping district and walking in.

3. Run! – Why not incorporate your workout into your daily activities? 

4. Carpool – Grab a friend!  Shopping is more fun with someone else anyway.

5. Vanpool – Vanpool to work and do your shopping on your lunch break.  You’ve already got the ride so you’ll save on gas and have a spot to haul it all home.

6. Bus – Pierce Transit serves many shopping and neighborhood centers.

7. Train – Sound Transit’s Sounder Train will take you from Lakewood to Tacoma to Puyallup for some local shopping and (if you must) it’ll take you north for some local Seattle shopping.

8. Ski – We know the lack of snow will prevent you from doing this one, keep it in mind when the white stuff does arrive.  It’s a great way to keep the holiday spirit alive.

9. Link – Sound Transit’s Link gets you around downtown for free!  Park at the Tacoma Dome Station and downtown shopping (and ice skating!) is at your fingertips!

10. Tandem Bike – Grab a friend!  It’s like carpooling on a bike!

11. Zipcar or Hertz 24/7- Don’t own a car but purchasing some large items?  Become a Zipcar or Hertz 24/7 member today and reserve one for your holiday shopping.

12. Car – If all else fails, bring your car.  Downtown has on-street and off-street parking options to keep your car while you shop.  Most shopping districts have 2 hour on-street parking. 


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