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On the Go in the Snow!

Downtown Tacoma looked a little less “On the Go” during our January snowstorm but many commuters still made it in to work thanks to their commute options. By bike, bus, foot and ski, employees kept working despite the snow slow down. Many that took the bus said it felt much safer than a car with chains and alternate routes, and those on active modes simply said they had fun! All were just happy they had options.

“Living downtown allows me to walk to work in good weather – and when my car shouldn’t be on the road! It took longer than usual, but I enjoyed the beautiful Tacoma scenery on foot as I made my way to work in the snow.”
-Holly Knoll, The Rescue Mission

“I really appreciated that Pierce Transit used all their resources to keep the buses moving in the snow.  I walked the 28 route until a bus came along to pick me up in the disabled transporter.  It was like my own limo service!”
-Tricia DeOme, GeoEngineers

“Biking to work in the snow is relatively easy, once you get used to what speed to ride and best maintain your balance, it’s a fun way to get around town. Just be even more careful of cars, since you are much more maneuverable on a bike than they are in a sliding car or SUV. By the evening of Jan. 18, the roads were in such bad shape that I opted to run to and from work for the next two days rather than risk mixing it up with cars on the roads that were then covered with snow and a solid layer of ice from freezing rain.”
-Rob McNair-Huff, City of Tacoma

“I walked to work twice in the snow. Loved it and loved the opportunity to see the city on foot!”
-Bruce Stirling, GeoEngineers

“Having regular transit nearby let me avoid digging out my car, putting on chains, scraping windows, and risking an accident on the slick roads.  Instead I checked the OneBusAway app on my phone and headed to the bus stop when it told me the bus would be there in 5 minutes.  When it arrived, the heater was going and 10 minutes later it dropped me off across the street from the office downtown.”
-David Schroedel, Tacoma Pierce County Chamber

“I commuted all week via Pierce Transit and it was incredibly reliable and safe. It’s great to have that option when my car just wasn’t budging from it’s spot in front of my house!”
-Kristina Walker, Downtown On the Go

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