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Murray Morgan Bridge Opening Soon

The Murray Morgan Bridge will be opening in time for it’s 100 year celebration on February 15, 2013.  After 5 years of being closed to vehicle traffic due to safety concerns, the bridge has seen a transformation and is now planned to open to all traffic with in the next six weeks. 

The construction to the bridge has included: 

  • a change from 4 travel lanes to 2 lanes with bike lanes and sidewalk
  • a new deck for the entire bridge
  • new paint for the metal portion of the bridge
  • new mechanical and electrical systems to operate the lift span
  • continued access from Dock St. to the bridge with an added elevator and new stairs

Stay updated on the project at www.cityoftacoma.org/mmb with bi-weekly updates and be one of the first people to walk or bike across the bridge when it opens. 



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