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Meet Marylou

Name: Marylou
Occupation: Inpatient Diabetes Educator
Employer:  St. Joseph Medical Center
Gets around by: Walk

Where do you live and where do you work?
Hilltop neighborhood- 3 blocks away from St. Joe’s.

How do you get there?

How does it all add up? How much money and time do you save?
I have not calculated the savings, but I only fill my gas tank about every two months and my car insurance is lower because I don’t drive to work. It is quicker for me to walk than to drive.

What’s in it for you?
Convenience, good way to start the day, can easily add time to my walk so I get more activity in, I don’t lose my parking spot in front of my house. 🙂

Do you have any tips for people who might be trying this mode for the first time?
Be a defensive walker, always check for oncoming traffic when crossing the street. Be prepared, I always have a baseball hat in my bag so that if it’s raining I don’t have to worry about my glasses getting wet.

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