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Link Light Rail Open House

The 1.6 mile Tacoma Link light rail line currently serves six stations from the Theater District to the Tacoma Dome Station.  Trains run every 12 minutes during the day and served nearly a million riders in 2011.  Voters in 2008 approved an expansion of Tacoma Link as part of the Sound Transit 2 ballot measure.  Sound Transit’s Tacoma Link Expansion Alternatives Analysis Project will identify and study alternative travel corridors for expansion of the Tacoma Link light rail system. 

This open house will help kick off the scoping process.  Over the next 12 months, Sound Transit in cooperation with the City of Tacoma and Pierce Transit will engage the wider community to help identify a range of alternatives, study these alternatives, and determine a preferred corridor alternative for the expansion.  The study will also produce a project financing plan that will identify committed and potential funding sources.  For more info…

Wednesday, August 22 

(11am – 1pm) People’s Community Center – 1602 S MLK Jr. Way,

(4pm – 7pm) Tacoma Dome Station Plaza 

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