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Holiday Gift Guide – Packable Rain Boots

Item:  Hunter Original Packable Tour Rain Boots

Cost:  $140

Available at:  Nordstrom, REI, and Costco (not all varieties)

Reviewer:  Meagan

As a fairly new resident to the northwest, I have realized since moving here that my wardrobe was missing an important item – RAIN BOOTS.  So this season I decided to get just the right pair to keep my feet warm and dry during my walk commutes, while still looking professional and fashionable. 

After looking at many stores, trying on different brands, and talking to some friends, the Hunter Original Packable Tour Rain Boots were just what I needed.  They are tall, slip on boots, with a matte finish.  They look very similar to a leather boot, and could be worn around the office (at least my office).  They are also packable, so if I need to change shoes, I can easily fold them up and put them in a small bag. 

While the boots are not as comfortable as my running shoes, they have a much more comfortable fit than most rain boots I tried on.  They are lighter in weight and more formed fitted.  They have removable fleece and knit liners called “Welly Socks” that can be purchased to keep your feet extra warm during the cold months.  This addition was great.  Most boots I saw were either lined for only winter use or without a significant liner.

Rain boots are a great holiday gift this season, especially for a person who loves to walk and be outside.  I purchased my Hunter boots at Nordstrom, but they can also be found locally at REI and Costco.  The boots only come in full sizes and run a little big, so half sizes should go down a size.  The Hunter Packable Rain Boots were the right pick for me, but there are so many options out there, I’m sure you will find just the right pair for your walk commuter.   



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