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Holiday Gift Guide – Knog Bike Headlight

Item: Knog Blinder 1 Standard headlight

Cost: $30

Available at: Defiance Bicycles, other local bike shops and online

Reviewer: Kristina

Everyone needs a good bike light! With the days getting shorter and rainy-er, we can’t have enough reasons for cars to see us.

I would highly recommend the Knog Blinder 1 Standard as a good second light for the winter and a main light for the rest of the year. It’s great for throwing in a small bag or purse (and nice to have on hand when dinner goes long and you end up on the road after dark!).

A stretchy silacone band makes it easy to attach anywhere on your bike so you can switch it up depending on your needs. It also hooks to my bag so it can double as visibility for walking or waiting at the bus stop.

The light is USB rechargable so I can plug it into my computer at work for a quick charge.

I was very happy with the strength of the light. While it’s not one of those super bright headlights for a country road bike ride, it’s great for an urban commute so cars can really see you.

I decided on the standard shape but for those more adventurous, it does come in a heart, flower, cog, X, and skull and crossbones. (And if you step up to the Blinder 4 for $45, you get lots of fun light patterns!) Check them out at Knog.

Kristina also recommends the PDW Bar-ista for the commuters on your gift list. For only $20 (also available at Defiance), you can look this cool and still be caffeinated!

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