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What is Tactical Urbanism?

Graphic from People for Bikes’ “Quick Builds for Better Streets” guide

In March of 2017, author Mike Lydon joined Downtown On the Go for 2017’s book club pick, “Tactical Urbanism”.

Tactical urbanism is a term used to describe low-cost, temporary changes intended to improve public places. Lydon’s book, co-written by Anthony Garcia, provides examples and how-tos for people, non-profits, and cities to create shared community space that does not cost what a typical public project does.

Short-term, community-based projects—from pop-up parks to open streets initiatives—have become a powerful and adaptable new tool of urban activists, planners, and policy-makers seeking to drive lasting improvements in their cities and beyond. In Tacoma, we can see examples of these in the Broadway Farmers’ Market, Hilltop Street Fair, and Park(ing) Day.

Author Mike Lydon is an internationally recognized planner, writer, speaker, and advocate for livable cities. His work has been featured all across the world. Tacoma-Pierce County people are encouraged to come learn how to mobilize neighborhoods to meet the needs of our community.

The book is available at King’s Books and the Tacoma Public Library. It is also available as an ebook.

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