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Testing the Tiny Transit Park

The downtown core neighborhood is a community made up of employees, students, visitors, residents, and our homeless population. Many people’s days start, end, or meet in downtown at some point.

Tacoma is developing quickly and there are still some spaces that feel deserted and underused. When public space is vacant it doesn’t feel safe or welcoming. The park next to our building is adjacent to a bustling transit corridor and Pacific Ave, the main thoroughfare downtown. By activating this space we can created a more welcoming transit area and gathering space for the many students, visitors, employees, etc. who are downtown. Moreover, we can create fun space downtown that will encourage safety and community.

To make this space more welcoming we:

  • Power-washed
  • Added flags
  • Installed a foosball table
  • And we are still testing new things out!

Let us know what you want to see in this Tiny Transit Park and what other downtown spaces need some love.

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