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Take a Seat [but, not actually, please]

We’ve added tables and chairs to our tactical materials. Seating in public space creates opportunity to connect as a community and encourages people to spend more time walking or biking. We are testing out this streetscape element as a part of the Hilltop Links to Opportunity project

One afternoon, a set of tables and chairs went missing from a downtown courtyard. We are still developing our best practices and are hopeful that the next time we set up a pop up, the seats will be occupied by community members and therein much more difficult to take.

What is a streetscape?

Streetscape refers to the different elements of a sidewalk that add comfort, safety, or fun! Benches, slides, trash cans, hop scotch, lighting, skateparks, trees, ping-pong: are just some examples.

This project is funded in part by the Neighborhood Council of New Tacoma and a Neighborhood Small Innovative Grant.

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