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Creative Crosswalks

At the Tacoma Farmers Market we imagined what it might feel like if crosswalks were colorfull. People slowed down, asked questions, kids and adults played on it like hopscotch, and it was all done using duct tape. If we can create buzz using duct tape imagine how we could slow traffic down to keep people safe, comfortable, and engaged in Tacoma roads with a paint and other small traffic changes!

Every signal intersection is a crosswalk and pedestrians have the right of way. We want to create safer streets and also more FUN streets!

This was our first attempt and we can’t wait to move forward!

What is walkability?

Walkability is a measure of how friendly an area is to walking. Factors influencing walkability include quality of sidewalks, traffic and road conditions, building accessibility, and safety.

Who is a pedestrian?

A pedestrian is anyone who is getting around on foot. Whenever you walk to the work, school, the store, or your friends house you are being a pedestrian!

Why are crosswalks important?

It is always important to look both ways and listen before you cross the street. Every intersection is a crosswalk and painting lines on the road helps position pedestrians where they can be best seen by cars. Reflective and light-up signage shows cars where pedestrians are crossing.

This project is funded in part by the Neighborhood Council of New Tacoma and a Neighborhood Small Innovative Grant.

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