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Meet the Staff: Jerrol

Name: Jerrol Anonuevo
Occupation: Graphic Design, Social Media & Web Content
Employer: Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber & Downtown: On the Go!
Gets around by: Walking, Tacoma Link, and car (to park and use for weekends)

Where do you live and where do you work?
I live and work in Downtown Tacoma.

How do you get there?
I drive to the Tacoma Dome Station to park my car and take the Tacoma Link to work.

How does it all add up? How much money and time do you save?
Usually, I would drive from home to park across the Broadway Center. Every workday (with the early bird special) cost $7, in total, $35 a week. I am saving $140 a month by parking for free and taking the Link to work.

What’s in it for you?
I had to sit down and review my expenses each week to see what I can improve on, which was not paying for parking. I treat myself by going out to dinner with my girlfriend or saving for future vacation trips with the money I saved each week.

Do you have any tips for people who might be trying this mode for the first time?
It’s not a scary adventure. Ignore all the stories you see and hear on the internet; everyone has different experiences. Just remember… plan accordingly, bring a windbreaker (Washington’s weather is always unpredictable), and don’t forget headphones!

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