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The Downtown Route


Are you new to Tacoma or hoping to show a friend or coworker how easy biking downtown can be? We have created a route that highlights new and existing infrastructure that helps keep people on bikes and the community more safe.

2.4 Miles

Highlights: Fawcett, Delin Bridge, Protected Bike Lane, Missing connections, importance of gradual routes, Prairie Line Trail love

Cue sheet:

1. Start at Tullys: Describe route, check bike safety

2. Walk bikes up 9th to Fawcett

3. Ride Fawcett to 25th (easy grade, time to chat, highlights the Bike Boulevard – part of the 2014 13 Miles of Bikeways)

4. Turn right on S. 25th, use bike box

5. Turn left on Tacoma

6. Bike across Delin Bridge

7. Pull to the side

8. View of the protected bike lane on South Tacoma Way/ Water Flume Line Trail

-Invision possible connections to Mckinley Trail/ Cross County Commuter Trail, and Prairie Line Trail

-Further picture the future connections to a multimodal Puyallup Ave and Freight House Sqr.

9. Cross Street

10. Bike back across Delin Bridge

11. Take a right on S. 25th

12. Bike or Walk down S. 25th

13. Turn left on Hood St. (Future Prairie Line Trail Extension – it stinks as of now)

14. Bike to Prairie Line Trail

15. Stop at Elemental

-Eat Pizza

We have built an advocacy agenda around parts of this route and are eager to hear what you think is important in making Tacoma a great place to bike and live!


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