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REASON #10: Know your neighbors

When you walk in your neighborhood, whether you’re walking to a bus stop, to work or to the local grocery store, you get to know the people in your neighborhood and discover spots you might not have known. You’ll connect with your community and increase others’ willingness to be out on foot, thereby increasing the vitality and safety of your neighborhood.

Walking lets you see your neighborhood on the ground level. What you see may inspire your work or personal life, you’ll get fresh air, which will make you more alert for your day, and you’ll know what’s going on in the neighborhood – shows, sales, events, etc.

Want to know the walk score of your neighborhood and how to improve it? Visit Walk Score to learn more.  Many organizations are working and advocating to increase walkability and safety of neighborhoods but getting out and enjoying your neighborhood are the first step to improving your own neighborhood. And neighbors who know each other, create a safer environment and raise the values of their own homes by increasing the walkability of their neighborhoods.

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