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REASON #9: Socialize

Ever wish you had more time to do those things you never get to do just for you? Or wish you could spend some face-to-face time with people instead of just checking their status on Facebook? The average Puget Sound commuter spends 231 hours per year behind the wheel—much of that alone. That’s 29 work days or the equivalent of 4 weeks of vacation. Why not make up some of that time in transit with other people?

Bus or Train
Transit offers a great place to meet new people or socialize with friends, new and old. Instead of getting frustrated with the person driving in front of you, share stories with your neighbor while someone else navigates congestion. Use the time to discuss the latest news or talk about what you’re reading. And if you don’t meet up with friends on public transit, with the extra time to gaze out the window, you’ll certainly spot a new after-work hang out spot.

Who needs a dating site when you’ve got transportation alternatives? Use your vanpool, carpool, bus or bike ride to meet that special someone. Check out the WNYC article about love stories that started on Mass Transit.

Car or Vanpool
You might get to know a few people really well through a car or vanpool. Many carpools that start randomly end up with participants becoming lifelong friends.

Biking? Other cyclists are sure to strike up a conversation at a stop light. Compare routes. Show off your new bike lights. You can’t do that while driving your car! Start a bike pool with those you meet on the road and stay in touch on a regular basis. A bike pool is a group that meets up regularly, just like a carpool, and cycles to work together.

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