“The Friday Forum series had good innovative thinking, provided a big picture view of issues, and allowed people to think outside the… car.” – Friday Forum participant


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  • Momentum Mag: Another magazine/blog/website devoted to bike culture.
  • Copenhagenize: An international bike advocacy blog. Mikael reports on innovations and advancement around the world in urban planning and bicycle commuting. He also shares great advocacy videos from every corner of the earth.
  • Institute for Alternative Transportation & Policy Development: The Institute for Transportation and Development Policy works with cities worldwide to bring about transport solutions that cut greenhouse gas emissions, reduce poverty, and improve the quality of urban life.


  • ‘Safe Streets’ Are Not Safe for Black Lives – “… to me, as a Black planner and community organizer, the lack of process and participatory decision-making behind these projects was an absolute nightmare. Pop-up bike lanes, guerrilla-urbanist playgrounds, and tactical walkways have been notorious for being politically crude for as long as I’ve been in the field: By design, their ‘quick-build’ nature overrides the public feedback that is necessary for deep community support.”
  • CDC Revise Awful COVID-19 Commuting Recommendations, But They’re Still Not Great – The Centers for Disease Control is no longer recommending that employers incentivize their workers to commute by car alone as businesses reopen during the COVID-19 pandemic, but the agency’s revised guidelines still don’t do enough to protect workers from the novel coronavirus — or the myriad public health threats posed by our unsafe transportation network.
  • Step by Step, Making Tacoma More Livable – Lillian Hunter was recovering from a broken hip and leg two years ago when she tried to navigate her Tacoma neighborhood using a walker. “We have an aging population and a civic obligation to prepare the infrastructure in anticipation of what we know is going to happen,” Hunter said. “I look at kids today and I’m not willing to saddle them with the responsibility of caring for me and my peers because we didn’t take action now.”
  • Sound Transit Grapples with Recession and Transit Expansion Rebalancing – The double-whammy of a global pandemic and parallel recession has taken a toll on Sound Transit finances. Agency staff have warned that a sustained and deep recession seems inevitable, following a similar course of the Great Recession of 2007-2009, that could impact capital investments in light rail, commuter rail, and bus rapid transit expansions.



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