Why do you bike to work?

“To prove I can bike all the way to work! Health, fitness, meeting other cyclists, and supporting active transportation in general.” – Tacoma bike commuter


Downtown On the Go is your transportation advocate in downtown Tacoma.

We at Downtown On the Go recognize the inequity and violence that has shaped our society and acknowledge the ongoing effects of those histories. Urban renewal displaced and assaulted many people of color and transit investments have proven to have similar impacts. As we advocate for a more walkable, bikeable, and transit-accessible Tacoma, we will also work to dismantle barriers to engagement and work to undo planning practices that limit access and inclusion. Equity and reciprocity are critical to livable communities and we are dedicated to doing the work while we continue to learn. At Downtown On the Go we have been complicit in the perpetrations of these injustices and are listening and learning to do better.

There are many different ways to create change in Tacoma. From City Council to Neighborhood Council meetings and all the commissions and boards between – it is a puzzle.

We want to help you learn about the who, what, where, and when of making an impact on your city. Email LauraS@downtownonthego.org to make a plan to improve safety or livability in your neighborhood! 

Join us for a virtual Speak Up event Oct. 29, 2020 on Zoom. Info here.

Stay tuned for more information about How to Speak Up Events in 2020.


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