Downtown Parking Accordions

1. Sell Your Car (or use it less)

Buy yourself a celebratory ice cream cone with all that extra cash and commit to a car- free
lifestyle. You’ll enjoy savings of $8,469* on average per year, you’ll likely improve your health, and you’ll certainly improve the health of your environment.


2. Pay to Park Your Car Elsewhere

There are many monthly parking options in Tacoma. If you’re able to switch some of your trips to walk, bike, or transit you can keep your car for those errands and trips that can only be done by car.

The best way to get up-to-date rates and availability is to call the different companies that run garages downtown.

Diamond Parking: 800-828-4197
Republic Parking: 253-627-4401
U-Park Systems:
WM Riley: 253-383-3990
State: 253-897-5891
Rhodes: 253-597-3653

3. Become an All-Star Parking Sleuth

There is still free parking downtown and existing spots are not going away - just the permitting process.

You’ll likely have to compete with students, shoppers, employees, and other residents but it is possible.

Websites like and can help you track down spots near where you live and work. Some of these spots are metered and most require you to move the car every few hours. This option is less convenient.

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