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Bike Month

Every May, Downtown On the Go celebrates Bike Month! This national observance showcases bicycling in all its forms, and helps lower barriers to new riders!

We celebrate Bike Month a little differently every year, and our partners around Tacoma have events that they host as well. You can find out more information at the links below.

We hope to see you biking in Tacoma!

City of Tacoma Bike Month Event List

2023 Bike Month Events with Downtown on the Go:

5/6: Bike Swap, hosted by Pierce Trips
5/15-28: Bike Bingo
5/19: Bike to Work Day
5/25: Bike to the Market
Stay tuned for more information about these events!


Historic Bike Months/Events:

2022: Bike to Work Day, Bike Bingo, Bike to the Market,
2021: Bike Bingo, Bike to the Market,
2017: Bike Month
2016: Bike Month
2015: Bike Month
For other Historical Bike Month events, please click here:



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