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Why Live Downtown?

Thank you to our January high school intern Jake from the Science and Math Institute (SAMI) for creating our first video about living downtown! Downtown On the Go hosted a “Downtown Resident Meet-up” in collaboration with Local Life on Jan. 17 and attendees told Jake why they love to live downtown.

View the video on YouTube.

A note from Jake:

This video was created for downtown Tacoma to show how great this city is. It targets people who are thinking about moving downtown and motivates people by saying it’s a great city. It also targets local residents who can be encouraged to try other commutes. When interviewing the people in the video are really passionate about downtown Tacoma, I found that they believe downtown can flourish into a great city with more kindness towards others. My first two interviewers were at the first Downtown On the Go Resident Meet-up.  These people gave me hope for Tacoma and I hope these events grow larger each time.

~ Jake

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