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Welcome Meagan, Downtown On the Go Coordinator

Welcome Meagan Kula to the Downtown On the Go team! Meagan will be coordinating events and communication for Downtown on the Go, giving DOTG the ability to add capacity and provide more services for downtown employees and residents. The DOTG team is looking forward to adding her talents to their work as the transportation resource and advocate for downtown Tacoma.

“I’m excited to join the Chamber of Commerce and Downtown On the Go team, and be a part of helping to make the downtown a vibrant, well-connected community.  Even before relocating here, I saw the excitement for everything that is happening in downtown Tacoma, and it’s now great to be a part of it.  I’m looking forward to building new connections with community members and promoting walking, biking and public transportation through DOTG programs and special events,” Meagan said.

Meagan has worked in community recreation for over 14 years, with most of her experience in the public sector.  From 2004 – 2010, Meagan was the Director of Recreational Services for the Village of Sussex, Wisconsin.  In that role she oversaw all of the Village’s recreational offerings and community special events.  This included managing the Senior Transportation Program and collaborating with community organizations including the Sussex-area Chamber of Commerce.

Meagan lives in North Tacoma with her husband and two children.  Her family recently relocated to the area from Milwaukee for her husband’s position at the University of Washington, Tacoma. A life long competitive athlete, Meagan enjoys swimming, biking, and running.  She has a passion for recreation, which makes the Northwest a great fit for her active lifestyle.  Since moving here, she has been overwhelmed by the warm community she has found in Tacoma and she is proud to call the city home.

Look for Meagan at upcoming DOTG events!

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