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Welcome Laura, Carshare Coordinator

Downtown On the Go welcomes Laura Wisdom as the new Carshare Coordinator.  Wisdom will work to promote “micro” car rental from Hertz 24/7 and Zipcar.  “I want it to be easy to get to where you need to go, and my goal is for carsharing to help you do that – whether you use it to complement your alternative commute, as a fleet vehicle, or in place of a personal car,” says Wisdom.  Carsharing provides an opportunity for individuals or businesses to access the utility of a vehicle without the expense of purchasing, parking, fueling, insuring, or maintaining one.

Wisdom is excited to work with local business leaders and property owners to promote Zipcar and Hertz 24/7 and other commute options as benefits to their employees and residents.  “Membership with a carshare company gives you a lot of flexibility especially if you commute without your car, or would like to try it.  And including gas, insurance, and mileage keeps the rates hassle-free,”  she says.  As a UPS alumna, Wisdom also appreciates the value of Zipcars on UWT, UPS, and PLU campuses to connect college students to their surrounding communities.  She will coordinate the marketing plan designed by Pierce County, Downtown On the Go, and the City of Tacoma to encourage carshare use in Pierce County.

To learn more about carsharing for you or your business, or to become a Hertz 24/7 or Zipcar member, contact Laura at lauraw@tacomachamber.org or (253)682-1738.

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