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Vote for Transit on Nov 5 with No on 1-976!

When you vote by Nov. 5, 2019 you have the chance to make our Tacoma City Council more walk, bike, and transit friendly. Check out the candidate video below!

The Downtown On the Go Board has voted to endorse the No on I-976 Campaign. This means that we are partnering with great organizations across the state to defend funding for all parts of our transportation system – pedestrian safety, bike infrastructure, transit service, pothole repairs, and other necessary road maintenance and improvements.

Vote no to save 62 cities from losing an average of $60 million per year for local transportation projects over the next 10 years. For Tacoma, that would mean a lost of $3 Million a year  for Tacoma’s Transportation Benefit District.

Learn more about the No Campaign here and get specific information about the impacts to Pierce County. 

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