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TrueBlue’s CEO Bikes to Work


Ever Considered Biking to Work?
Did you notice a few more bicyclists on the road this morning when you drove to work? Not surprising. Today is the first day of National Bike to Work week.

Among those TrueBlue employees taking part in Bike to Work Week is CEO Steve Cooper. Even with his busy travel schedule, he tries to find time to bike the 18 miles from his home in Gig Harbor to the TrueBlue building in downtown Tacoma a couple of times a week.

“I’d like to do it more, if I could,” Steve said.

Bike to Work Day is this Friday.

So why bike to work?

It’s Good for the Environment
Autos are the single largest source of U.S. air pollution. Short trips are up to three times more polluting per mile than long trips. When bicycling is substituted for short auto trips, 3.6 pounds of pollutants per mile are not emitted into the atmosphere.

It’s Healthy and Productive
Over 66% of the adult US population is overweight and 32% of the US is obese, costing our nation $68 billion in health care and personal costs annually. Medical research has established that a minimum of 30 minutes of moderate physical activity three days a week can reduce incidents of heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and hypertension and improve mental health and cardio-vascular fitness. For a 180-pound man, a 10-mile round trip bike commute burns 400 calories. For a 130-pound woman this same commute burns 300 calories. There’s nothing like riding to stimulate circulation, relieve stress, allow creative thought and establish a positive attitude toward oneself and one’s environment.

It’s Economical
Bicycle commuting saves on parking fees, parking tickets, fuel costs, auto maintenance costs and transit fares. A new bicycle and cycling gear would pay for itself in a few months. Since the biggest cost of automobile ownership are paid up front (insurance and car payments), some people can free up about 25% of their income by getting rid of their car or their second car. Ten bikes can park in the space taken by a single motor vehicle.

It’s Fun
Do you remember the feeling of riding your bike for the first time? Bicycling is not only good for you, the environment and your wallet, it’s just plain fun!

”I find the riding time stimulates my creative thoughts and establishes a positive attitude for the day along with contributing positively to my overall health,” Steve said. “Even if you’re not going to ride a bike, be nice by sharing the road generously with those who do.”

To see the essentials of bicycle commuting, click on the link below.


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