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Transportation Innovator Awards

Downtown On the Go presents the Transportation Innovator Awards annually to acknowledge and celebrate work being done that helps meet the Downtown On the Go goal of reducing the number of single-occupancy vehicles in downtown Tacoma. Nominees are selected for one of four awards, based on the four categories.

Each year, nominees are reviewed by a committee and Downtown On the Go recognizes the Transportation Innovator Award Winners at our Annual Luncheon.

2019 Award Winners:

Rooted in Rights:
Rooted in Rights does amazing work elevating the need for road and transit design to be centered around folks with disabilities.

Mayor Kim Roscoe (City of Fife): As the Mayor of Fife she is advocating for a regional approach to our bike connections!

Limited Access Connections Project (Pierce Transit- Penny Grellier):
Penny took on something that had never been done in our region; setting up a partnership between a transit agency and a transportation networking company to give people grant-sponsored rides to transit locations.

Don Partington:
Don Partington was an important trail advocate in Pierce County and pushed the activate transportation community to confront issues of white privilege.

Link to Past Winners…

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