Why do you bike to work?

“To prove I can bike all the way to work! Health, fitness, meeting other cyclists, and supporting active transportation in general.” – Tacoma bike commuter

Staff & Board


Tracy Oster, Executive Director

Alex Meacham, Development & Communications Manager
253-677-4404, alexm@downtownonthego.org

Emily Nakada-Alm, Events Coordinator
253-325-7692, emilyn@downtownonthego.org

Laura Svancarek, CTR & Advocacy Coordinator
253-252-6638, lauras@downtownonthego.org


Transportation Liaisons – 2019

Mailing Address:

950 Pacific Ave., Suite 300
Tacoma, WA 98402


Board of Directors
Executive Committee

  • Sound Transit
    Andrew Austin, President
  • Executive Council for a Greater Tacoma
    Emily Hall, Vice President
  • GeoEngineers
    Brett Larabee, Treasurer
  • Skanksa
    Rachael Pease, Secretary
  • BLRB Architects
    Ari Lewkowitz, Past President

Board of Directors

  • Andrew Austin, Sound Transit
  • Gloria Fletcher, NAI Puget Sound Properties
  • Mark Gary, Multicare
  • Emily Hall, Executive Council for a Greater Tacoma
  • Brett Larabee, GeoEngineers
  • Ari Lewkowitz, BLRB Architects
  • Leslie Mintaraga, Korean Women’s Association
  • Anneka Olson, Stepherson & Associates
  • Rachael Pease, Skanska
  • Jordan Rash, Community Member
  • David Schroedel, Chamber of Commerce / Downtown Tacoma Partnership
  • Mary Tuttle, Metro Parks Tacoma
  • Amy Van, Tacoma Housing Authority
  • Ryan Wheaton, Pierce Transit
  • Carol Wolfe, City of Tacoma

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