In 2014 – 2017 the third Wednesday in June was proclaimed by the City of Tacoma Mayor as Walk Tacoma Day.  Since 2018, the month of June has been proclaimed Walk Tacoma Month.

Staff & Board


Tracy Oster, Executive Director

Laura Svancarek, CTR & Advocacy Manager

Timothy Campbell, Program Coordinator


Transportation Liaisons – 2019

Mailing Address:

950 Pacific Ave., Suite 300
Tacoma, WA 98402


Board of Directors
Executive Committee

  • Governmental Affairs Consultant and Freelance Writer
    Anita Gallagher, President
  • Metro Parks Tacoma
    Hunter George, Treasurer
  • Sound Transit
    Andrew Austin, Past President
  • Pierce Transit
    Kim McGilvery, Officer
  • City of Tacoma
    Carol Wolfe, Officer

Board of Directors

  • Anita Gallagher, Governmental Affairs Consultant and Freelance Writer
  • Hunter George, Metro Parks Tacoma
  • Andrew Austin, Sound Transit
  • Kim McGilvery, Pierce Transit
  • Carol Wolfe, City of Tacoma
  • Mark Gary, Multicare
  • Anneka Olson, City of Tacoma
  • Ryan Spence, Chamber of Commerce

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