Why do you bike to work?

“To prove I can bike all the way to work! Health, fitness, meeting other cyclists, and supporting active transportation in general.” – Tacoma bike commuter

Staff Commuter Profiles

Meet the Staff: Tracy

Name:  Tracy Oster Occupation: Executive Director Employer: Downtown: On the Go! Gets around by: Walking, Biking Where do you live and where do you work? I live in Federal Way and currently work from home. How do you get there? As I am … Continue reading

Meet the Staff: Emily

I live a short distance from downtown and other surrounding neighborhoods, so I can always easily walk to where I need to go. Even though it takes a bit longer, walking or biking allows me to become more familiar with my neighborhood, and I always feel great afterwards! Continue reading

Meet the Staff: Laura

Name: Laura Svancarek Occupation: CTR Coordinator Employer: Downtown On the Go Gets around by: Bus or Walk Where do you live and where do you work? I live on Sheridan near 15th, and work downtown on S. 11th and Pacific. How do you get … Continue reading

Meet the Staff: Meagan

We’re a one-car family, so we know we save thousands of dollars every year by not having a second car. I take the bus and my husband bikes to work, so often our car stays at home. Continue reading