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Speak Up From Home

In place of our “How to Speak Up” event, we created a short video to help guide you through the process of turning your ideas into change in your neighborhood.

As you stroll through your neighborhood during this time take note of the ways that it could be improved. Do you wish the sidewalks were smooth? The speed limit was slower? Or that there was a better bike path near you? The City of Tacoma is still listening to the community – and now is a great time to become an advocate for a more livable Tacoma.

Check out our advocacy information here or email us with any questions.

Note: During the current emergency, Tacoma City Council is receiving public comment via email in lieu of in person comments by 4 p.m. every Tuesday by emailing cityclerk@cityoftacoma.org. You can always email council and staff at their emails as well.

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