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Pacific Avenue Reopened in Downtown!

Commuters can now get from one end of downtown Tacoma to the other on Pacific Avenue, thanks to an earlier than expected opening of our main street in association with Sound Transit’s D-to-M Street Project. Vehicles, transit, bicycles and pedestrians all have access to the roadway, including safe crosswalks and new sidewalks.

Beginning Tuesday, March 20, 2012, A Street will be closed between 25th and 26th streets and will not reopen. This section will be re-graded and re-paved to serve as a pedestrian and bicycle underpass.

According to Sound Transit, work still to be completed includes:

  • Solidifying the rail bed and lay track from D to M Streets
  • Completing the Pacific Avenue rail bridge
  • Installing new crossing gates, signals, and other safety equipment along the rail line
  • Building a new pedestrian underpass on A Street
  • Re-paving South Tacoma Way and make improvements to South C Street
  • Providing landscaping to the area

We understand that the bridge will also undergo a paint job before it’s officially done. The final phase of construction for the project is anticipated to be completed, with trains running to South Tacoma and Lakewood, by fourth quarter 2012.

Pictured: The view from the train bridge shows cars traveling on Pacific Avenue, Monday, March 19. For more photos, visit our Facebook page.

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