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Ride the Bus with Hilltop Action Coalition and Tacoma Housing Authority

Join the virtual Ride the Bus event on March 11, 2021 from 3 – 4 p.m. to discuss housing and transit developments in Hilltop, and how they are affecting local residents. Downtown On the Go is looking forward to chatting with Brendan A. Nelson, a Certified Nonprofit Professional and current President of the Hilltop Action Coalition, as well as Alyssa Torrez, a Real Estate Development Project Specialist for Tacoma Housing Authority. DOTG’s own Advocacy & CTR Coordinator, Laura Svancarek will be moderating the conversation. Learn how transit and housing planning and infrastructure can lead to gentrification, and how current Hilltop residents could potentially be impacted by the current developments.

The recording will be posted on the DOTG Facebook page after the event.

This free event, sponsored by the Puyallup Watershed Initiative Active Transportation Community of Interest, is an annual Ride the Bus event that gives riders a chance to learn about transit and their community, ask questions, and have a conversation with leaders.

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