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Pedal with Politicians

On Sept. 12, 2019, your Tacoma City Council Members and other local politicians are biking around Tacoma to get up close and personal with the existing (and missing) bike and trail network in downtown Tacoma. At our annual Pedal with the Politicians bike ride you can ride alongside your elected officials and City Council candidates as we look ahead to local elections and an update of the Transportation Master Plan.

Key points on this year’s ride will be:

  • Lack of safe connection between existing infrastructure
  • Bike and pedestrian connections to growing transit hubs
  • Fawcett Ave improvements and Brewery Blocks Development
  • Maintenance and perceived safety on shared-use paths like the Water Flume Line Trail and Scott Pierson

You can ride alongside Councilmembers Mello, Ibsen, Beale, McCarthy, Thoms, Ushka, and Mayor Woodards. We will also be joined by Metro Parks Tacoma Commissioner Hanberg, Fife’s Mayor Roscoe, and Puyallup’s Mayor Palmer.

The best way to advocate for bicycling in Tacoma is to get out and ride. And the best way to encourage our local government to better our roads for people on bikes is to ride alongside them on Sept 12!

Unsure of the best routes in downtown Tacoma? Contact us about our Bike Buddies Program and we can match people up with a cooperative comrade.

Other questions? Email hallyb@downtownonthego.org.

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