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Park(ing) Day – Sept. 20, 2013

Parking Day 2013Calling all businesses, organizations, and persons interested in public space!  Friday, Sept. 20 is Park(ing) Day, a global day in which parking spots temporarily become public parks. 

Want a piece of this action?  Create your own park(ing) space in front of your business!  Participants are asked to “park” between the hours of 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., and to review the information at www.parkingday.org for ideas and guidelines. 

If you would like to host your own park(ing) space, please let us know by August 22 so we can promote your space on our posters and include you in a tour of all parking spaces turned into public spaces!

Contact Emily at dotgintern@tacomachamber.org or 253-682-1738.

For more information about Tacoma Park(ing) Day find Downtown On the Go on Facebook.

For inspiration and information on Park(ing) Day worldwide visit www.parkingday.org.

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