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Park(ing) Day 2023

Tacoma Park(ing) Day!

Park(ing) Day 2023 has been unfortunately cancelled.

Due to technical challenges and lack of global interest, we are sad to cancel this year’s Park(ing) Day in Tacoma. This special annual event highlights the car-centric decisions that go into planning cities, and showcases Tacoman’s unique ability to creatively upend expectations and reimagine how parking spaces could be used to center people. However, we also recognize that the commitment to create, staff, and engage with the community for our participants is significant. As we move forward, we hope that you’ll keep the spirit of Park(ing) Day in mind, and commit to the first ever National #WeekWithoutDriving, Oct. 2-8. (weekwithoutdriving.org)

Special thanks to everyone who signed up for this year’s Park(ing) Day! We’ll see you around :blush:

Learn more about Park(ing) Day here: https://www.myparkingday.org


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